CHASING | M2/M2 Pro Floodlight


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Portable diving photography fill light.
CHASING LED DIVING VIDEO LIGHT is a lightweight, easy-to-carry marine lighting equipment designed specifically for better quality underwater photography and video-recording. The waterproof submersible fill light with high color rendering index warm white LED dramatically improve the appearance of objects and illuminate their true colors, it offers a brightness of up to 12,000 lumens. The battery life indicator displays remaining battery power. CHASING LED DIVING VIDEO LIGHT is a great light source that works well with ROV M2/M2 Pro. It is the ideal solution for submerged lighting demands from va rious kinds of professional and complex contexts.

Battery features a 120-minute runtime on a single charge of its waterproof 3500mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack.
CREE LED LED video light has an excellent heat dissipation structure and high luminous efficiency. It offers a brightness of up to 12,000 lumens.
Made of aerospace aluminium material.
Waterproof to 100 meters.


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